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Just for Core 4 Conservation Partners

Core 4 Conservation belongs to you
This site has been developed for you, the most important Core 4 Conservation Partner. Through this site, we intend to provide you the tools you need to promote the Core 4 Conservation approach through your own organization. Click here to be a Core 4 Conservation Partner.

Use the tools below to supplement your marketing efforts. 

Core 4 Conservation Logos
Black and white or four-color (CMYK) all in EPS format are ready for your use. Both vertical and horizontal formats available. Download

The Core 4 Conservation series of brochures was developed to encourage continuity of messages from all of agriculture to the farm community. The series was developed based on the extensive qualitative and quantitative research conducted early in the planning process. Brochure descriptions.

Order on-line or call 765-494-9555 to place orders.

Marketing ideas

  • Develop and distribute a news release announcing your support for Core 4 Conservation. 
  • Use portions of text in your newsletter, training materials and/or web site.
  • Reprint brochures with photos of your equipment, etc.
  • Imprint your company's name on the brochure’s back cover and distribute through dealers, farm shows, etc.
  • Provide imprint service for your dealers/retailers use in statement stuffers, local farm shows, demonstration days, etc.…either direct or through CTIC.
  • Develop a ‘Core 4 Conservation Kit’ and/or work with CTIC to link information into the Core 4 Conservation web site that explains how to use your products and/or services to become a Core 4 Conservation Farmer.
  • Rotate Core 4 Conservation ads and/or radio PSAs into your media schedule. (Call for four-color film.)
  • Call to arrange a private, strategic brainstorming session with your marketing staff.

Copyright information
As with most CTIC publications, these brochures are not copyrighted. Reprinting all or portions of the brochures is encouraged. We do request credit for those Core 4 Conservation Partners who were kind enough to provide photos. In addition, to assure you get the credit you deserve, please send a copy of any printed publications to the attention of Core 4 Conservation In-Kind Coordination. Thank you.