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What's Core 4?

Core 4 is a common-sense approach to improving farm profitability while addressing environmental concerns. The approach is easily adaptable to virtually any farming situation and can be fine tuned to meet your unique needs. The net result is better soil, cleaner water, greater on-farm profits, and a brighter future for all of us.

TriCT.GIF (190 bytes) Better soil
Sustainable soils which increase long-term productivity result from increased organic matter, improved soil moisture, reduced compaction, sequestered carbon, and reduced erosion from water and wind.

TriCT.GIF (190 bytes) Cleaner water
In addition to food, fiber, energy and other renewable resources, agriculture can also protect and improve water quality.

TriIPM.GIF (200 bytes) Greater on-farm profits
Sharpening management skills and utilizing the latest appropriate technologies result in higher levels of economic efficiency and cropland productivity

TriBuf.GIF (197 bytes) A brighter future for all of us.
Consumer expectations include more than abundant food, fiber and energy. They also expect agriculture to protect air, soil, water, and wildlife.

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Weed and Pest Management (IPM)
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Does it work?
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