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CTIC was established in 1982 under the charter of the National Association of Conservation Districts, a non-profit conservation organization.

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Contact: Dan Towery or John Hassell, (765) 494-9555

October 17, 2001

Joint Project Explores Source Water Protection Alliances

West Lafayette, Ind. - The Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) and Hazen and Sawyer, P.C. announced today that they have received major funding from the American Water Works Association Research Foundation for a joint effort to help drinking water utilities build source water protection alliances with farmers.

The research project is designed to provide drinking water utilities with guidance on how they can build alliances with farmers and agricultural organizations to promote agricultural practices that minimize runoff and protect the quality of drinking water sources.

CTIC executive director John Hassell said, “We’re excited about this project because it builds on our years of experience developing public - private partnerships that improve soil and water quality by equipping farmers with management practices that are both environmentally and economically sound. Given the tremendous influence of agricultural practices on the nation's drinking water supplies, this is a really natural partnership.”

“The drinking water and agricultural communities are becoming more and more aware of the impact of agricultural runoff on the cost of water treatment and the safety of drinking water,” said William Becker, vice-president of drinking water treatment process research at Hazen and Sawyer. “This project will give utilities the guidance they need on how to build partnerships with farmers to promote conservation measures. This is new ground for most water treatment plants, so we're pleased that AwwaRF has given us the opportunity to explore it.”

AwwaRF will provide $150,000 to the research team for the project, “Source Water Protection Alliances Between Water Utilities and Agricultural Operations.” Case studies of successful and unsuccessful alliances will be used to identify opportunities and obstacles for collaboration between farmers and drinking water utilities. These issues will be further explored by industry experts in a workshop in July 2002. Lessons and guidance will be shared with utilities at a national forum in early 2003 and will be published in a final guidance document.

CTIC, a public-private partnership located in West Lafayette, Indiana, is the nation's leader in the promotion of conservation agriculture practices. Hazen and Sawyer, P.C., an environmental engineering firm headquartered in New York City, specializes in water and wastewater treatment.


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